Cūrātur is Latin for “is taken care of” or “we’ve got it”. We want you to know that our team has got your back.

Curatur, LLC develops applications for businesses with a focus on delivering high-quality software through close collaboration with our clients. Our dedication to our craft can be seen in our focus on our clients’ requirements and in the effort we put into making our software maintainable well into the future.

Our Team

Damon Davison - Managing Director and Team Lead

Damon has been working with web technologies for many years. A former academic and CTO in the music business, he has gained industry experience in many different areas, but has been focusing exclusively on web and mobile technologies for the last several years.

In recent years, Damon has worked on a number of products in the healthcare industry, touching all parts of the development and deployment process, from configuring infrastructure to building user interactions in the front-end.

Damon is fluent in a number of European languages, including English, German, French, Spanish and Italian.

José Fernández - Software Developer

With a background in Telecommunications and Electronics Engineering and many years teaching Calculus in public schools, José offers experience well beyond software development. Upon successful completion of independent coursework on Machine Learning and Pattern Recognition, he gained experience in modeling classification problems.

An advocate of Agile Development and Best Practices, he strives to deliver high quality code with reliable results.

José is fluent in both English and Spanish.